Technical Details

Technical Details

Turn Your Employees Into Human Firewalls

Mortgagephish provides a “safe learning environment” where employees can experience how a real attack would feel by offering a variety of predefined, multilingual attack simulations.  Employers can test whether their employees are familiar with the dangers of the Internet.  Mortgagephish enables you to simulate the full threat landscape that goes beyond simple phishing emails.

Employee & Infrastructure Testing

Email Address Scanning

Curious which e-mail addresses in your organization can be found on the Internet?  Our integrated mail scanner can find out what a hacker already knows about your company.

Ransomware Simulation

Mortgagephish provides two different ransomware simulations, one of which tests the staff, and the other, the infrastructure.

Mail & Web Filter Testing

The filter testing functionality provides the answer to one of the most important questions in securing Internet and mail traffic: Which file types can be downloaded from the Web, and which e-mail attachments are filtered?

Advanced Malware Simulation

Mortgagephish utilizes an advanced malware simulation suite capable of emulating various threat simulations and provides access to advanced features equivalent to many of the tools employed by criminal gangs. The tool therefore allows the user to perform security checks without involving employees outside of the IT department.


Reputation-based E-Learning

End User Reputation Profiles

Train your employees according to their required skills.  Based on the reputation profiles of end users, the system has the ability to automatically supply users with multiple training sessions.

Positive Reinforcement

End users can report and quarantine suspicious e-mails with a single click. Automated analysis provides an individual risk score and real-time ranking of reported e-mails.

Static Training Support

Training content can be published on static pages within the Mortgagephish intranet, giving the user permanent access to training content, independent of possible attack simulations.

Cyber-security Certification

Certificates of eLearning can be created and printed out by the recipient either directly within a training or inside the LMS portal.

Reporting & Analysis

Realtime Dashboard

The Realtime Dashboard serves as a cockpit containing the most relevant campaign statistics. Statistics can include identifying the weakest department or division.

Business Intelligence

Compare campaigns with each other by identifying differences in click behavior across different scenarios, divisions, or user groups. Create trend analysis across one or more campaigns over pre-defined time periods.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive campaign reports are provided in Excel, Word, PDF, or HTML using customizable templates that can include screenshots and configuration settings in addition to all campaign statistics.

Employee Benching

The benchmark enables you to compare the results of different campaigns with industry standard values by using an internal database that is enriched by Mortgagephish’s own global campaigns and external data.